Disneyland with CPE credits

So you have a choice to make.  You can spend a week in southern Florida riding in the spinning cups or you can be in our countries capital, Washington D.C., July 9-15 attending the most valuable Sage conference ever…Sage Summit.   And I don’t make that statement lightly. We have made every effort to ensure Sage Summit is packed full of highly relevant and beneficial learning opportunities while keeping your budgets in mind (see if the mouse does that for you!) Here are some of highlights as to why Sage Summit delivers the ultimate bang for your buck:
•    Registration not only gives you great content, but great food, entertainment, and multiple networking parties
•    Earn up to 23 CPE credits when you register under the Sage Accountants Network (SAN) track
•    Reduced group hotel rates (starting at $180)
•    Free wireless internet access throughout the conference center.  Try getting that on Space Mountain

There is a new approach to learning at Sage Summit. For 2011, expect new intensive product sessions that run longer and dive deeper into the topics that matter most. Plus look for more hands-on labs. New partner-led sessions. Interactive panels. Oh – and don’t forget to check out the new SAN pre-conference events on Saturday and Sunday, featuring mind-expanding workshops by notable thought leaders including Darren Root, Ron Baker, and the CPA Practice Advisor Hall of Fame inductee, Greg LaFollette.

Plus – you can’t forget the Sage Summit trade show, worth the price of admission itself! Gain access to a whole spectrum of companies that are leading innovation for Sage with new technologies and applications. There’s so much to do, see, ask, and learn. Get face-to-face with the experts. Get hands-on with the tools and technologies. Make a bee line for the Sage booth…no ticket required. You can also plan on adding to your pen collection.

So tell the kids you are taking them to Washington D.C. this summer to enjoy everything our capital has to offer and while you are there you can stop by Sage Summit for an experience of a life time. No, you won’t meet Mickey or his friends but on the bright side, you can meet me and I’m a character too!

John Parisi

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