Time Slips in the Time and Billing module.

Times slips, available in premium versions or higher, is a versatile tool to record the amount of time you or your employees spend on activities. This time can then be easily charged to your customers or internally reported on for statistical purposes.

You must have created your employees and customers before using the Time Slips module. These are then used in combination with inventory services (Unless you do not use the Inventory & Services module.  In this case you would not put a part number and instead would create a service item by utilizing the description field instead of the item number field.)

In the Time slips window select the employee who is completing the service activities. A number to track the time slip is automatically added to the slip, as well as the date. You can change either one. Note: If you use Job Categories, only employees assigned a Job Category that displays in time slips will appear in the drop down list.

Select a customer and then the service activity being done for the customer. The values from the service item’s record automatically appear in the Billable Amount column. When you create an internal service the system defaults to Non-Billable because the purpose of the internal service is to track the time spent on an activity for statistics or payroll and not for billing to clients.

You may wish to change the Billable Status of an item.  This column records billable time but it will also allow you to record time for statistics purposes.  For this reason you are able to choose time as Billable, Non-billable and No Charge.  Depending on the service created some items will default to a Flat Fee and you won’t be able to modify the figure in the Billable Amount column. Note: An amount will be calculated only for billable activities in the Billable amount column.

In the Actual Time column, enter the time spent on the activity in hours, minutes, and seconds. You can also use the timer to add time to the Actual Time box.  To use that feature click on Start and when the service activity is completed click on the Stop button and then on Apply Time to transfer the time recorded to the Actual Time column on the Time Slip.  Make sure a check mark is in the stop watch column when using the Timer.

You can modify the amount of time the customer is billed in the Billable Time box even when using the timer feature if for example your company has policies regarding minimum billing.

Enter the amount of time for which the employee will be paid and select the type of income that they will receive (ex: regular or overtime work) and you can allocate these amounts to projects by clicking the check mark on each line. Once complete, record the entries. If you wish to record other activities later you can by recalling the transaction.

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