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Six Quick Tips for Mobile-Friendly Email Design
By Audrey Howes

More and more emails are being read on mobile devices every day. As email marketers, we need to take notice and make sure our emails are friendly for the mobile reader. Here are six quick tips to get you on track with your email designs:

1.       Enlarge your call to action.

Call to action buttons should be at least 44×44 pixels. CTA buttons need to stand at attention in your email to make sure the mobile reader doesn’t miss them.

2.       Less is more.

We’ve always told you to keep your emails short and sweet. Now that emails are being read at the gym, in bed, while stopped at red lights, and so on, brevity is key to your communication success.

3.       Use images wisely.

Apple products are the only mobile devices that currently default to showing images. Other devices require a click to download like desktop email clients. Make doubly sure your email makes sense without images turned on.

4.       Rethink your layout.

Two-and three-column layouts are challenging to read on mobile devices. Consider moving to a more streamlined email template design.

5.       Design with fingers in mind.

Think about font sizes, line spacing, text links, buttons, and white space when you are putting your email together. Give fingers plenty of room to “play” as they search for what they’d like to click.

6.       Test it out.

Send your email to a variety of mobile devices to see how it looks. If you don’t have a variety of mobile devices represented in your office, try a service such as Bright Peak’s email analysis to get a picture of what your email looks like in a variety of email clients.

Stay ahead of the curve by implementing these tips before your competitors do!

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